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The Blacksmiths' Guild of the Potomac, Inc.
Gulf Branch Nature Center
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Hello Folks,

We have known for some time that Phil’s wife Candee has been dealing with a serious health issue, but Phil has asked for privacy while he and Candee are dealing with this. As a result we have not sent out much information. Given his current priorities, he does not have time to answer emails and phone messages. Please respect this request.

As you may have seen on facebook, Phil is trying to sell some of his larger projects that he had been keeping for himself including a very large and detailed chest and his throne. This is to help with the medical bills.

We discussed among the board members something meaningful that could be done by the guild to help and Alex came up with the go-fund-me page. I am sure any donation you can make will be helpful.

(click here) Thank you Phil and Candee

I hope to see you around, and with happier news,

Congratulations Alex Hinman!
Alex has been awarded an apprenticeship at Colonial Williamsburg. The folks at Williamsburg have gained a great new asset. I look forward to seeing Alex demonstrating to the public in the future. I also want to thank him for all that he has done for as a volunteer and a board member at BGOP. I have included a picture of him at his new job in the slideshow below.
Thanks Again, Eric


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