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     New Demonstration Opportunities

Below is a list of new demonstrations that have been requested from different people contacting BGOP. Please use the BGOP email to request more info and to be put in contact with the requester.


Reoccurring demos are listed on the calendar page.
Please note that there are a few events that have forges already in place and do not need the demonstrators to bring their own portable set ups. Events at Gulf Branch, Sky Meadows, and the yearly 4-H fair at Frying Pan Park are good examples.
Also, if someone is already going you can talk to them about sharing a setup.  It's nice to be able to trade off who is demoing to give the other blacksmith a break.

July 21st, Saturday, from 7 to 10 p.m. (plus set up and take down).
Portable setup needed.

Loudoun County Public Libraries in Northern Virginia. We are planning a big Game of Thrones-themed event to be held at the Rust Library. As one part of this event, we are looking for artisans who’d be willing to come and demonstrate their crafts. There’d also be an opportunity for craftsmen to sell wares at the event.

I think our bladesmiths would have a blast doing this. Any takers? – Eric.

June 9th, 10:00 AM-3:00 PM. History and Heritage Day at Fort Hunt Park.
Part of George Washington Memorial Parkway near Mount Vernon.
Portable setup needed.

Skip and Charlie are interested, but the park would love more blacksmiths. A portable set up is needed, but you can always talk to Skip or Charlie (or anyone else that is going) about sharing their setup.
They are interested in featuring traditional colonial blacksmith demonstrations as part of their George Washington history element. In addition to traditional blacksmith arts, we will include fiber arts such as spinning and knitting, and a historic agriculture display. I am hoping also to have live sheep on display to demonstrate the "sheep to fiber" pipeline. All of these demonstrations are significant to George Washington's River Farm history and will help visitors see the rich and fascinating histories of the Fort Hunt area.

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