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    Blacksmiths’ Guild of the Potomac Library

    One of the primary goals of the BGOP is to provide educational opportunities for its members. The Guild’s library is a continuously expanding collection of printed material and video to help us meet that goal. Currently we have more than a hundred different titles on blacksmithing and other metal work as well as a collection of periodicals.




    Only BGOP members in good standing may borrow material from the library. Good standing means paid up dues, no outstanding library or guild shop infractions, and active participation in Guild functions, e.g. meetings, demonstrations, etc.


    By borrowing material from the library, you agree to care for and return the items to the library. The borrower must replace items lost or damaged beyond normal wear. Please exercise care in the handling of library materials.


    Two items may be borrowed for 1 month (2 regular meetings). Items may be kept for another 2 weeks (1 more meeting) provided no other member has requested that material. You are responsible for checking with the librarian.


    Request library items by their alphanumeric listing. The letters beside each item designates the form of the material. (e.g. B=Blacksmithing Book, M=Miscellaneous Book, P=Periodical, V=VHS and D=DVD).

    The librarian will make every effort to bring requested material to the regularly scheduled BGOP meetings for distribution. Requests for material must be made by the Wednesday before a meeting .The librarian can be contacted by phone or email.


    George Anderton
    BGOP Librarian


    Library Holdings


    As of August, 2011, we have copies of the Blacksmith's Journal in the libary divided into binders by Volume. Here is the index of the journal articles:


    Blacksmith's Journal Index


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