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    In 1986 an anonymous donor made it possible for the Guild to establish a Scholarship Fund. The Fund’s purpose is to assist members who wish to attend blacksmithing-training events. The Board of Directors has established the following guidelines and recipient selection criteria for obtaining these funds:

    1. Money for the scholarship funds will be obtained from donations and interest accruing from the Fund’s account.

    2. Accrued funds will be deposited in an interest-bearing account to help provide for future endowments.

    3. Scholarship funds will be limited to a maximum of $1,000 per year and will be awarded to the maximum number of recipients that amount allows. Any unused funds will remain in the Scholarship Fund account for future use.

    4. Scholarships will be granted for attendance at recognized schools, workshops or seminars in the fields of blacksmithing and related metalworking (e.g. non-ferrous smithing or casting) of the applicant’s choice. The Selection Committee will be allowed flexibility to tailor their guideline to any special needs of the individual.

    5. Scholarship funds will be available to cover tuition, room and board, travel cost and material fees. However, the amount of the grant awarded may not necessarily cover all cost of attending a chosen event and the balance will be the responsibility of the recipient.

    6. The treasurer will pay funds directly to the recipient. However, the recipient will provide copies of receipts to the Treasurer to show acceptable disbursement of the funds.

    7. Recipients will be chosen by a committee of three Guild members appointed by the President and approved by the board on an annual basis. Committee members will be excluded from receiving scholarship funds while serving on the selection committee. All committee recommendations will be subject to approval by the Board.

    8. Eligibility requirements are as follows:

      1. Any skill level from beginner to expert.

      2. A member in good standing for at least two years preceding the scholarship request. This means the member paid dues, attended a reasonable number of regular Guild Meetings and actively supported the Guild by way of newsletter articles, participating in Guild-sponsored demonstrations, or some other activity directly benefiting the Guild.

    9. Applicants must submit an application form or the following information on plain paper. It must be typed or legibly hand printed.

      1. Name
        Street Address
        City, State, Zip+4
        (Area code) Home Phone #
        (Area code) Work Phone #

      2. Name of school or provider of instruction.

      3. Title and short description of course (attach course brochure if available).

      4. Date(s) of event.

      5. Location of event.

      6. Cost associated with event:

        1. Tuition

        2. Material Fee

        3. Room and Board

        4. Travel Cost

      7. Minimum amount of assistance below which you will not be willing to undertake the event on your own. If you plan to undertake the effort even if you do not receive a grant, indicate “No minimum” or $0.

      8. Brief resume of your metal working experience.

      9. Statements of benefits:

        1. How you will benefit from this undertaking.

    10. Within one (1) month of the completion of the event, recipients must:

      1. Submit a written report for publication in the Guild's newsletter (with photos and/or drawings if appropriate).

      2. Schedule with the program chairman a presentation and/or demonstration of what was learned, to be given at a Guild meeting within four (4) months of completion.

    11. Failure to do both of the items of paragraph 10 will require repayment of the funds to the Guild’s Treasurer.

    12. If the event is cancelled, the funds must be returned to the Guild’s treasurer immediately upon notification of cancellation.

    13. If the event is rescheduled, you must immediately notify someone on the Selection Committee or Board of Directors of the change.

    14. If you do not attend the event for which you received a grant you must immediately repay the funds received to the Guild’s Treasurer.

    15. Members who submit a request and receive a grant agree to abide by these guidelines completely.

    16. These guidelines may be amended at any time by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. Amendment will become effective upon notification of the Guild membership by being published in the Guild’s newsletter or by a special mailing.

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